It's All About The Experience

Have you ever had a an unforgettable memory of a place? Bring it back now, you probably hear its sound and visualize its image... That was the Audio Visual of the place.

Turn every place into an Unforgettable Memory such as those below and more others 

National Museum of Qatar (NMoQ)

Leading and representing the AV Design Team within the Design Development Phase of the Family Exhibits and the Immersive Sound System

Contractor: BGL, TechnoQ

Prince Mohammad Stadium- Jordan

Sound System Design upon Acoustic Study in compliance with FIFA Standards

Contractor: BCI

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology 

Developing the Design and programming of a complete AV package based on the latest HD technology, Video Conferencing and Distance Learning applications

Contractor: TECO

Qatar University Sports and Entertainment Center (QUSEC)

Multipurpose, sports and entertainment venue with Yamaha Active Field Control (AFC) and huge Tesira, Nexo, Crestron system implementation

Contractor: TechnoQ

Qatar Emiri Naval Forces Base (QENFB)

Full AV and PAGA (Public Address/General Alarm) Design within ECG scope's Buildings including Lecture Halls, Digital Cinemas, Classrooms, Meeting rooms, Stores and Administration Buildings...
This includes Risers, Schematic Diagrams and Specifications

Consultant: ECG

Four Seasons San Stefano Alex

Programming the full AV and Automation system for the whole hotel including the Ballroom, the Meeting Rooms and the Presidential suites

Contractor: TECO