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Easily fill-in the parameter let the excel sheet calculates the recommended projector brightness to achieve a specific System Contrast Ratio as per AVIXA 3M-2011 in addition:

- It calculates Throw Distance based on the Lens Throw Ratio based on AVIXA standard geberal formula (always check with the manufacturer).

- It calculates Pixel Width and Height based on the given information.

- It considers Ambient Light and Screen Gain.

- It calculates Image Width/Height based on a given Aspect Ratio (16:10,16:9 or 4:3).

- It calculates the image illuminance in Lux based on a given projector brightness in Lumens.

- Only Metric System is considerd in this version. 



- Always check with the manufacturer and consider 5% error margin for all calculations.

- The calculations here are general for basic estimations and based on AVIXA standard with no liability on the author.

- You can edit the excel sheet as per your pereference with Unprotection Password: "123"

- Using this file supposes preliminary knowlege of MS Excel. 

Projector Brightness Calculations- AVIXA 3M-2011

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